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May 27, 2016

A cool May has now suddenly become a summer with warming soils pushing the growth of vegetable plants and flowers.  Tomatoes and peppers just love the warm nights, too. There is a noticeable growth sprout that plants undergo as their cells divide and expand quickly.


Especially important at the nursery is a necessary constant check for blocked or maladjusted overhead sprinklers around the nursery stock as the 80+ weather and wind increases the transpiration of water through the plants leaves. 


So far, the irrigation water supply is more than adequate although at least one inch of rain per week would be enough to keep it replenished with collecting all the runoff from rain and irrigation. Read entire blog entry...

  Our greenhouse is bursting at the seams!  Flower & veggie flats, hanging baskets, tropicals, succulents, dahlias, flowering vines, 4" potted flowers in thrillers, spillers and fillers and so much more!
  We are beginning to plan a bunch of fun and exciting special events here at Dayton's for spring and summer!  Please check back often for more details

May 15 thru June 15 - Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest
June 18 - Tinkerbell's Fairy Garden Party

Click here for more information

    MAY 25 - Apply weed & feed to your lawn, as directed
MAY 25 -
Watch Sawfly on Mugho Pines.  Use almost any insecticide for control.
MAY 27 -
Begin spraying cucumber, squash and melons with bi-carb for mildew
MAY 30 -
Memorial Day.  We're open 8:30 to 5:00
JUNE 1 -
Start harvesting Earliglow Strawberries
JUNE 2 -
Start examining Arborvitae, Spruce, Honey Locust for bagworm.
                 Spray with BT if caterpillars are present
JUNE 3 -
Check pepper and tomato plants for cutworms
JUNE 5 -
Trim spring flowering plants as they finish blooming, if necessary
JUNE 6 -
Deadhead May blooming Rhododendron
JUNE 7 -
Trim & de-sucker indeterminate tomatoes
JUNE 8 -
Fertilize again with Holly-tone or Plant-tone
JUNE 9 -
Trim Mountain Laurels to shape after blooms fade
JUNE 10 -
Start harvesting early strawberries
JUNE 13 -
Use organic Neem Oil for insect control on veggie plants & herbs

All MAY Garden To-Dos
All JUNE Garden To-Dos

  Stop flipping through garden and plant books!  Use our always updated plant encyclopedia to easily find plant names, descriptions, flower color, bloom time, pruning information, fertilizing information, insect & disease control, and much more!  All plants listed are only those you can find at our nursery, assuring you healthy, zone 5 hardy plants.




  Looking for information on what fertilizers to pick, how to fertilize your lawn or what soil supplements to add?  Check out these new links:

Organic Gardening
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Soil Conditioners & Supplements

Insect Control
Disease Control
Weed Killers & Lawn Weed Killers
Soils, Soil Amendments & Potting Mixes
Mulches, Stones & Gravel

Pest Control (moles, ground hogs, deer, squirrels, etc)



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