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July 30, 2015
The typical heat of July has returned and with it an improvement in the growth of vegetable gardens and annual flower plantings. At the nursery, petunias that were cut back with just “stalks” remaining have exploded into growth and a riot of color.


More and more perennials keep arriving from various vendors so that another batch of potting mix must be made. Each 25 cubic yard batch of mix is made up of 5 parts pine bark and 2 parts sphagnum peat with various fertilizers and leave to make a light fluffy mix that is difficult to over-winter and one that is of a slightly acidic nature of a ph of about 5. An ideal soiless mix should have a ph of 5.8; however, the nursery mix must be more acidic due to the higher alkalinity of the  irrigation water. New sedums “born and bred” in Zeeland, Michigan are growing well and will allow us to offer even more color of these wonderful plants that tolerate drought so well.  Read entire blog entry...

  We LOVE Sedum!  Why?  Sedum is so very easy to grow, available in a multitude of foliage and bloom colors and has all season interest.  This September we are featuring 6 new varieties from SunSparkler® Sedums:


SunSparkler® Blue Elf
Grows to a very tight and ultra-compact height of only 3″ tall and will reach 15″ wide within one year. Plants are smothered with hundreds of dark-pink flowers atop steel blue tufted rosettes in late summer as shown in the picture to the left..


SunSparkler® Dazzleberry
This exciting new groundcover Sedum only grows to 8″ tall x 18″ wide, but has HUGE 9″ flowerheads held above disease-free dusky-blue foliage


SunSparkler® Firecracker
In mid to late August, these cherry-red clumps of shiny leaves are topped with large 4″ medium-pink flowerheads. These flowers remain colorful for nearly 4 weeks! Plants form 6″ tall and 18″ wide mounds of colorful foliage which combines superbly with other drought-proof perennials.



SunSparkler® Jade Tuffett
Selected for its 14″ tall ultra-compact habit and unique narrow leaves which are smothered in large trusses of dark pink flowers in late summer. In spring, narrow, shiny-green leaves emerge and contrast beautifully against bright cherry-red stems. The foliage is almost reminiscent of Boxwood.


SunSparkler® Lime Twister
Based of it's parent Lime Zinger, this new varietaged sport features stunning cream-colored edges on every leaf.  Flowers bloom in the same rose-pink shade as it's parent.


  SunSparkler®Lime Zinger
Lime-green foliage is surrounded by a cherry-red picotee edge. Its compact 4″ tall x 18″ wide growth habit makes it a superb new groundcover Sedum!


  JULY 23  - Deadhead spent flowers on Endless Summer Hydrangea
JULY 24  -
Re-examine Arborvitae, Spruce & Honey Locust for bagworm. 
                   Spray with Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew.
  - Deadhead annuals & perennials
AUG 3 -
 Plant late crops of turnips, carrots and beets
AUG 5 -
Freeze or can fruits and vegetables
AUG 6 -
 Come to our canning class at 6:00 pm!
AUG 7 -
 Trim 1/2 of new growth of Pines if necessary to shape if not done in
                 late July
AUG 8 -
 Stir & water mulch again to prevent shotgun fungus
AUG 9 -
 Collect seeds and take cuttings
AUG 10 -
 Transplant Oriental Poppies while they're dormant
AUG 12 -
 Start dividing & transplanting daylilies & Hosta after cutting back

All JULY Garden To-Dos
All AUGUST Garden To-Dos

  Stop flipping through garden and plant books!  Use our always updated plant encyclopedia to easily find plant names, descriptions, flower color, bloom time, pruning information, fertilizing information, insect & disease control, and much more!  All plants listed are only those you can find at our nursery, assuring you healthy, zone 5 hardy plants.




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