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Fresh Cut & Balled Christmas Trees

About Trees
Our cut Christmas Trees are all Ohio-grown and fresh!  While we no longer have our Christmas tree plantation in Indiana or Pennsylvania, our cut trees are about as close as you can get to cutting your own!

All of our cut trees are grown on a small family-owned plantation in Southern Ohio that takes great pride in the quality and freshness of the cut trees.

From 5 ft to 11 ft and from Pine to Fir, we have the perfect tree for you!

Another important detail of our cut trees is that when they are 3-4 years old, they are limbed up to about 18" from the ground to make it easier to mow the field to keep down weeds.  This also creates a "handle" to insert the tree into the tree stand so that you don't need to wonder how many lower branches you'll lose that will affect the beauty of your tree! 

When you're browsing through our cut trees, you can be sure that "what you see is what you get!"

We'll Hold Your Tree
Want to pick from the best selection but you're not quite ready to bring home your tree?  We will be happy to hold your tree until you're ready!

Delivery & Setup
Let us do the work for you!  We offer both delivery and setup service for our Christmas trees for a nominal fee.

About Stands
If you're looking for a new tree stand, I would have no other than the Cinco brand.  I've been putting Christmas trees in stands and have never found a better or easier stand to use than Cinco:

   1.  Its made in the United States
   2.  The mostly high density plastic construction means it doesn't corrode and it is strong as heavy steel.

   3. The water holding capacity far exceeds other stands.

   4.  The "scalloped" design of the base allows most of the significant lower limbs to
        be kept on the tree.

   5.  There is a great amount of maneuverability of the tree trunk in the stand which
        allows the most stubborn crooked trees to be stood up straight.

   6.  Once mounted, the tree is very secure in the stand and is highly unlikely to fall over
        as long as the proper size stand is matched with the tree.

   7.  Cinco stands are not expensive and are an excellent value as it could be the last
        stand you ever buy!

I remember selling a customer an 8 foot Douglas Fir and spotting a plastic stand with a $9.98 price tag from a very well known retailer.

I asked him if the stand was for the tree I was loading and he replied that it was.  It was easy to see that the stand, molded out of soft plastic, would never "survive" the Douglas Fir and the tree would almost certainly fall over. I'm so glad the customer bought one of our Cinco stands and returned the $9.98 stand to the box store.

~Tom Dayton

We have BIG trees... 9 to 11 feet tall!


Fraser Fir

A short-needled tree that decorates well and is soft to the touch, silvery underneath and lasts 30 days or longer in the house without shedding.

Ask for size availability


Scotch Pine

A medium needled Pine that lasts 3-4 weeks in the house.  One of the least expensive trees available.  Our Scotch Pines are grown on level ground and were aided with a wire called "grow straight" when young.  The trees have been placed in a shaker to rid tree of dead needles inside.  Only Scotch Pine and White Pine are sprayed with a product called Greenzit which gives the trees a dark green color as Pines sometimes have a yellow cast when they go dormant in fall.

Ask for size availability


White Pine

Fluffy and very soft to the touch.  It has needles longer than the Scotch Pine, usually 2-3" in length.  This tree will not hold heavy ornaments because it's branches are very limber.    Will last 3-4 weeks in house.  

Ask for size availability


Blue Spruce

These trees have a broad conical shape with dense foliage.   Needles are 1/2-1" in length and silvery blue to green in color. Available in balled and burlapped only.

*We do not carry Blue Spruce or Norway Spruce in fresh cut form since they have a tendency to shed faster*

Ask for size availability



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