Aegopodium, Snow-on-the-Mountain/Bishop's Weed
Brunnera macrophylla, Alkanet/False Forget-Me-Not, Siberian Bugloss
Ceratostigma, Dwarf Plumbago
Convallaria, Lily of the Valley
Galium, Sweet Woodruff
Gaultheria, Wintergreen/Checkerberry
Hedera helix, English Ivy/Baltic Ivy
Heuchera, Alum Root/Coral Bells
Lamium, Spotted Dead Nettle
Liriope, Lilyturf
Mazus, Mazus
Microbiota, Russian Arborvitae/Siberian Cypress
Omphalodes, Forget-Me-Nots
Pachysandra, Japanese Spurge/Pachysandra
Phlox subulata, Creeping Phlox/Flowering Moss
Vinca minor, Creeping Myrtle/Periwinkle