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Platycodon grandiflorus

These balloon-shaped flowering plants are very easy to grow!   Some varieties may need staking for support. The Balloon Flower will re-bloom if dead-headed.

Common Name: Balloon Flower
Botanical Name: Platycodon
Type: Perennial
Soil Preference: This plant tolerates a little salt and will grow in moist soil but prefers a well-drained, loamy or sandy soil with a pH of acidic to slightly alkaline (6.8-7.7)
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Attributes: Tolerant of neglect.  Good for the Rock garden, border or as a ground cover.
Pests: none serious
Diseases: Rarely: Root Rot, Stem Rot, Leaf Spot
Good Companion Plants: Baby's Breath, Bellflower, Tall Garden Phlox, Shasta Daisy, Cushion Spurge
Care: In spring, remove dead foliage and dead-head all spent flowers after blooming.  In fall, cut back to 6".  Division can be done in the spring.  But, these plants do not like being transplanted and are slow to re-establish.  Fertilize with Plant-tone, Miracle Gro or Osmocote.

Planting Instructions:  Perennials
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This variety listing is for informational purposes only, it is not a catalog. 
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Platycodon Astra Series 'Pink'
Balloon Flower
zones 3-8
Description:  Interesting balloon-like buds burst open into beautiful bell-shaped flowers. Exceptional branching and thick flower petals make for long-lasting light pink blooms. Its compact, uniform habit makes 'Astra Pink' a good selection for cut flowers, containers, or the garden.
Bloom Color: Pink
Bloom Time: June-September
Foliage Color: Green
Height: 8-10"
Spread: 6-8"

Click on image to view larger size


Platycodon grandiflorus 'Mariesii'
Balloon Flower
zones 4-9
Description:  Interesting balloon-like buds burst open into splendid violet-blue, bell-shaped flowers. 'Mariesii' is a very reliable bloomer that is pest and disease free.
Bloom Color: Blue
Bloom Time: July-August
Foliage Color: Green and Silvery
Height: 18-36"
Spread: 18-24"

Click on image to view larger size

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.


Platycodon grandiflorus
'Sentimental Blue'
Balloon Flower
zones 4-8
Description:  A dwarf version of Platycodon reaching to only 6-8".    This heavy bloomer has very large blue flowers that begin in the shape of a balloon before opening, hence it's name.   Forms a low, neat mound. 'Sentimental Blue' is the most disease-resistant variety of the species.
Bloom Color: Blue
Bloom Time: July-August
Foliage Color: Green
Height: 6-8"
Spread: 18-24"

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