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Metasequoia glypostroboides




This tree may look like an evergreen but it actually is deciduous! (loses it's leaves) Foliage remains on this tree well into the fall and the tree leafs out early which may lead to frost damage.  Squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, mice and deer find this bark attractive and may nibble on it.  Trunk wraps can deter from damage they may leave.


Common Name: Dawn Redwood
Botanical Name: Metasequoia glypostroboides
Type: Deciduous Tree
Soil Preference: This tree tolerates some drought occasional wetness, ozone and some salt.  It prefers a well-drained, loamy, sandy or clay soil with a pH of acidic to slightly alkaline.  (6.8-7.7)  Do not plant in soil with a high pH
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Attributes: Relatively free of pests
Pests: Japanese Beetles sometimes enjoy the foliage.  Canker has been reported recently.  Animals find the bark attractive.
Diseases: none serious
Care: Fertilizer with Holly Tone.  Remove lower branches when young to create a clear trunk for planting along streets or in other tight spaces. 

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Metasequoia glypostroboides
Dawn Redwood
zones 5a-8b
Description: Whispy, conifer leaves shed in fall.   Pyramidal in youth, developing a broad-rounded crown with age.  Fast growth rate - 50' in 15-20 years.
Foliage Color: Green
Height: 60-90'
Spread: 20-30'


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Metasequoia glypostroboides 'Spire'
Dawn Redwood
zones 5a-8b
Description:  An, upright pyramidal form that is more compact and much narrower than it's species. The whispy leaves turn to yellow-orange in the fall before they shed. Introduced by Sheridan Nurseries.
Foliage Color: Green; Orange-yellow fall color
Height: 60-90'
Spread: 20-30'

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