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Seminar Series 2018
February 3, 2018  — 11:00 am
The Basics of Soil
Speaker: Tom Dayton

Soil, the “skin of the earth”, is a complex mixture of minerals, rocks, leaves, water, air, organic matter and other countless organisms that is capable of supporting plant life. So why not make sure it is the best it can be? We will dig down deep into soil discussing pH, nutrients, soil amendments and the soil composition found in our area. This overlooked, underrated partner in growing is often taken for granted. But after this talk you will find new appreciation for this substance that is so vital to life on earth. Our recommendations will provide the best possible soil which will yield the best possible plant growth!


February 10, 2018  — 11:00 am
The Importance of Honey Bees
Speaker: Emily Mueller

Emily runs Mueller Honey Bee Rescue with her husband which collects honey bee colonies through swarm removals and cutouts. Through the rescue and her own private beekeeping consultation business, Emily’s mission is to increase honey bee numbers in Ohio and bring awareness to their importance. She will discuss with us the value of these pollinators and recognizing the differences between “bugs”. Emily will also have her honey for sale during the event.


February 17, 2018  — 11:00 am
Growing UP – Vertical Gardening
Speaker: Hanna Rhodes, Gardening Know How

Are you looking to maximize your garden space or do you have a small garden and want to know how you can plant more with less? Learn about how you can use many plants’ natural tendencies to grow upwards in order to make the most of your garden. Hanna Rhodes is the owner of Gardening Know How, one of the most visited gardening websites on the internet. Gardening Know How sees 85 million visitors per year and is dedicated to helping gardeners find the answers to their questions.


February 24, 2018  — 11:00 am
Ohio Birds of Prey
Speaker: Carol Zeh, Audubon Member

Over 20 birds of prey call Ohio their home plus other species that spend their summers here. These birds play an important role in con-trolling populations of rodents and help us gauge the health of a habitat as they are very sensitive to changes in the environment and pollutant levels which can cause their numbers to decrease. Learn about these birds and how they help to control the environment and keep systems in balance all while fueling our spirits and marking the passage of seasons.


March 3, 2018  — 11:00 am
Composting – Don’t Bag It! 
Speaker: Susan Cowling, Master Gardener

After a quarter century career of teaching statisctics and psychology in academia and industry, Susan retired to become an OSU trained Master Gardener. She loves gardening and teaching others how to apply research-based methods in their home gardening endeavors. Susan will teach us not to throw away those kitchen scraps. Instead, turn them into GOLD for your garden! The basics of backyard composting are discussed and demonstrated in a simply way to get you started.


March 10, 2018  — 11:00 am
What’s New in the World of Plants
Speakers: Tom Dayton & Staff

Participants in this seminar will get a photographic tour of the best and newest introductions in the world of plants chosen by the experts at Dayton’s. Plus, an overview of the navigation and new features of Dayton’s re-designed website. Hosta ‘Waterslide’ & Hemerocallis ‘Maestro Puccini’, shown.  Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.




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  • Seminars begin at 11:00 AM and end around 1:00 PM
  • Light refreshments provided
  • Seating is limited
  • Payment in advance is appreciated but can be paid at the door

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