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Soil Conditioners & Supplements
**please note that the information provided below is specific to Ohio (zone 5)

Questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions below...
Fast Acting Iron Plus
Super Green Gardens
  • Can help to keep plants and gardens lush and green all season.
  • Iron is important to plant enzymes and proteins involved in growing vibrant green foliage
  • Non-staining formula
  • Maximize response to fertilizer
  • Turn yellow leaves to green
  • Heartier fruit
  • Better flowers
  • Greener shrubs
  • A must to green up Azaleas


Garden Lime
  • Adjusts soil pH so plants can get the most from nutrients present.
  • General: It is always recommended that you do a soil analysis to ensure the proper rate of application.


Fast Acting Lime Plus
  • Fast Acting Lime™ was created to solve a recurring consumer problem, the need to quickly and effectively raise soil pH. 
  • A combination of high-grade, finely ground lime, Advanced Soil Technology™, (AST™) and Movement Control TechnologyTM (MCTTM), which provide Fast Acting Lime™ unmatched capability in performance. 
  • Small uniform prill size that dissolves quickly and provides uniform coverage
  • Begins raising soil pH immediately

Triple Super Phosphate
  • Having trouble getting your plants to bloom?  This product is recommended for application on plants that have a lack of bloom power.   
  • Apply as the first fertilizer application in spring.
  • Good for plants such as Wisteria, Hydrangeas and Butterfly Bush.
  • An enriched source of phosphorus; helps stimulate root development and aids in fruit and flower formation; easy to apply granular form; ideal for lawns, trees, shrubs, and vegetables.

Blood Meal
  • A very safe, slow-release organic fertilizer to use if your primary concerns are top growth and deep green color.
  • This product can also be used as an organic animal repellent.

Bone Meal
  • Bone Meal is a 0-10-0 slow release organic fertilizer that is ideal for developing roots and creating a strong root system.
  • Recommended as a starter fertilizer for almost any plant.  But, works best for developing roots in spring flowering bulbs such as tulips and daffodils.  You can incorporate bone meal into each planting hole or broadcast over the entire bulb bed and watered thoroughly.
  • The "Rose Lady's" recommendation as a soil additive when planting roses.

Aluminum Sulphate
  • This is best used if you need to lower the soil's pH.
  • We recommend this product only for Hydrangeas.  Aluminum Sulphate will turn Hydrangea flowers blue or will turn pink Hydrangeas a darker purple color.
  • This product is not recommended for blueberries as blueberries need to be fertilized with a phosphate fertilizer to bear fruit.  The phosphate has a tendency to "tie-up" aluminum in the plant making this toxic to the plant after repeated applications.


Sulfur Plus
  • Sulfur Plus AST™ corrects excess alkalinity in a soil and helps create the acid soil conditions in which many ornamental and vegetable plants thrive. 
  • Beneficial uses include turning hydrangeas blue and producing larger vegetables and fruits. 

Garden Gypsum
  • Gypsum is ground Calcium Sulphate which is used in calcium deficient soils.
  • Best used to loosen clay soils and improve aeration as it breaks up clay particles and creates more pore space.
  • Bears the ability to remove harmful salts from the soil without raising the pH. 
  • If using on a lawn, be sure to get a soil test first to determine amount of gypsum needed.
  • For organic gardening.
  • Also available in large 40 pound bags (shown above, right)

Fast Acting Gypsum Plus
  • ENCAP® has combined finely ground dihydrate gypsum with their AST™, Advanced Soil Technology™ and MCT™, Movement Control TechnologyTM, creating Gypsum Plus AST™.
  • Gypsum is Natures Aerator™ … by adding gypsum to clay soil the problems of soil compaction and runoff are lessened.
  • Gypsum also helps plants absorb nutrients and helps earthworms to flourish that in turn provide additional soil aeration.
  • In any type of soil, Gypsum Plus AST™ binds to other plant nutrients while also conditioning soil by increasing water penetration and reducing erosion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. The leaves on my plants are turning yellow, what should I use?
    After determining that insects and disease are not the cause, apply Ironite to supplement the soil with much needed iron. 

  2. My soil is very heavy clay, is there anything I can use to break it up?
    Apply Garden Gypsum to heavy clay soils to break up the soil and improve aeration.  If using on the lawn, be sure to get a soil test and wait for the analysis before applying.

  3. Everyone tells me to apply lime to my lawn and garden, is this necessary?
    Sometimes this is necessary to improve soil pH.  But, we recommend that you get a soil test and wait for the analysis before applying lime.

  4. I'm having trouble getting my Hydrangeas to bloom, do you have any suggestions?
    The main cause for Hydrangeas not blooming is trimming at the wrong time.  However, if it has been determined that this is not the cause, apply Triple Super Phosphate as directed.  Phosphorus will increase the plant's ability to bloom.  This is also recommended for plants such as Butterfly Bush or Wisteria that are known not to bloom.

  5. Should I add anything to the soil when planting spring flowering bulbs?
    Bone Meal is recommended to develop deep roots on bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths.


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