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Selection, Use & Care


  • Apple Maggot and Its Control, HYG-2041-88
  • Apple Powdery Mildew, HYG-3001-94
  • Bacterial Crown Gall of Fruit Crops HYG-3301 (pdf)
  • Basic Principles of Pruning Backyard Grapevines, HYG-1428-04 (pdf)
  • Bitter Rot of Apples, HYG-3302-95 (pdf)
  • Black Rot and Frogeye Leaf Spot of Apple, HYG-3030-95 (pdf)
  • Codling Moth on Fruit Trees, HYG-2203-92
  • Cork Spot and Bitter Pit of Apples, HYG-1403-92
  • Fire Blight of Apples, Crabapples and Pears, HYG-3002-94 (pdf)
  • Injury to Tree and Small Fruit Plants, HYG-1409-94
  • Necrotic Leaf Blotch of Golden Delicious Apples, HYG-3204-98 (pdf)
  • Oil and Other Early Season Sprays
    for Apple and Pear Trees, HYG-1425-93
  • Periodical And "Dog-Day" Cicadas, HYG-2137-99
  • Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot of Fruit Trees, HYG-3029-95 (pdf)
  • Plum Curculio and Its Control, HYG-2043-88
  • Pruning Backyard Grapevines in the First Three Years, HYG-1429-04 (pdf)
  • Rust of Apple, HYG-3024-92 (pdf)
  • San Jose Scale on Fruit Trees, HYG-2039-92
  • Scab of Apple and Crabapple, HYG-3003-94 (pdf)
  • Sooty Blotch and Fly Speck of Apple, HYG-3022-92 (pdf)
  • Trellis Espalier System for Supported Apple Trees, HYG-1427-95
  • White Apple Leafhopper, HYG-2202-92
  • White Rot and Botryosphaeria Canker of Apple, HYG-3023-94 (pdf)


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