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The Do's & Do Not's of Roses
  • DO start to uncover roses around Easter. Clean ground with rake and remove old leaves.
  • DO prune with common sense, only in spring, preferably in late March.
  • DO remove all sucker growth from bud union.
  • DO prune and seal canes on outer side above eye at a 30 to 45 degree angle so borers cannot
    enter the canes causing damage to bloom. Use Elmers glue or finger nail polish.
  • DO NOT prune climbers for 2-3 years after planting. Remove dead wood only. This makes the plant develop and established.
  • DO spray with lime sulphur before leaves appear in early spring, spray the surrounding ground too.
  • DO transplant in early spring or late fall only, if possible.
  • DO mulch less than two inches during the growing season.
  • DO apply fertilizer before a rain if possible.
  • DO dead-head old blooms to make room for new flowers.
  • DO cut old flower stems above where you see 5 leaflets.
  • DO prune climbers after first bloom. (Only after they are established, 3-4 years old)
  • DO water with a watering wand and not overhead with a hose. Do water the bottom of the bush (bud union) only, not the leaves or flowers. Water in the morning.
  • DO loosen soil around bud union occasionally for air circulation.
  • DO NOT grow roses in shade. They need a minimum of four to six hours of sun.
  • DO water in the morning if possible so leaves will dry by evening. This will cause less problems and fungus on the foliage
  • DO break-up hard, clay soil with 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 existing soil and a little agricultural sand and 1/3 compost mixture. Sweet Peet mixed with soil in a 1:1 ratio is excellent to break up hard soil while providing nutrients.If bad drainage exists, raise bed six to eight inches higher.
  • DO spray roses every 8-9 days for diseases with such products as: Bi-Carb, Fungonil, Orthenex or Rubigan. These will eliminate disease problems if the products are alternated.
  • DO apply only aged manure or Sweet Peet that has already been aged.
  • DO plant tall roses in back and shorter in front. Teas, floribundas and miniatures should be planted 2 feet apart. If these are large shrubs or climbers, give them more room (36-48 inches)
  • DO water when ground is dry. In 85-90 degree temperatures, water as needed so they will not dry out.



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