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Established Lawn Care
Fertilizing, weed control, applying lime, watering and proper mowing go hand in hand to create the "perfect" lawn.

Fertilizing - Weed Control

The first time to fertilize your lawn is usually April 1st when the lawn is just beginning growth.  A fast release granular fertilizer or one combined with a crabgrass preventer can be applied at this time.  Greenview makes an excellent product called Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food that will feed the lawn and prevent crabgrass at the same time.  It will give good results in most years when applied in the month of April.

In the month of May, a slow release fertilizer with a broadleaf weed killer can be applied.  Remember to get good control of broadleaf weeds, they must be in active growth.  Just follow the directions on the bag.  Again, a good product to use is Greenview Weed Control plus Lawn Food.

Four to six weeks after the application of the weed & feed, a slow release fertilizer such as Greenview Lawn Food may be applied to carry the lawn through summer.

Labor Day is a good time to apply a weed and feed again or a fall fertilizer such as Greenview Fall Lawn Food that will strengthen the lawn's root system.  Another application of Wintergreen may be applied in mid to late October to "put the grass to bed" and help for a quick green-up in the early spring.  (back to top)


Short frequent waterings to a lawn will do more harm than good as only the top 1-2" of soil will be moist and grass roots will tend to grow shallow.   Waterings of once each week of 1" of water or more are sufficient and will encourage deep root growth. 

Never water late in the day or at night as wet grass in the night causes disease in your lawn. (back to top)


Applying lime is essential as a soil pH that is too low (acid) will inhibit the uptake of nutrients by the lawn.  Most soils in this part of Ohio and nitrogen fertilizers "create" acid in the soil.  A somewhat slightly acid to neutral pH is best (6.5 - 7.0)

In order to know how much lime to apply to raise the soil pH, a soil test is helpful.  Dayton's supplies soil test kits in which samples may be sent to CCC labs for testing.

As a general rule, one 50 lb. bag of dolomite pulverized lime per 2,000 square feet every other year will maintain a proper pH.  Dolomite lime is a type that supplies magnesium to the lawn as well as calcium.  Pelletized lime may also be used as it may be spread with a broadcast spreader.  Just follow the directions on the bag.

As far as timing, applying lime in November is ideal as fertilizing has stopped.  Lime and nitrogen will react with the resulting nitrogen volatizing.   Also, applying lime in late fall gives it time to react with the soil before the next growing season. (back to top)


A sharp lawnmower blade does wonders to keep a healthy lawn.  A mowing height of 2 - 2 1/2" in spring and gradually raising the height to 2 1/2 - 3" in summer is ideal.  Mowing too short in summer will put the grass under stress and create a haven for weeds and disease.

Raking or catching grass clippings will not prevent a layer of matted dead grass material called thatch.  When a thatch layer in the grass becomes 1/4" to 1/2" or more, problems will arise from insects, disease and lack of water penetration to the soil once the thatch dries out.  It is best to remove a thatch layer by renting a mechanical thatch in April or September.  Then, overseed immediately with a grass mixture that includes a high percentage (70% or more) of fine-bladed perennial ryes plus a starter fertilizer to rejuvenate the lawn.   (back to top)

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