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Foolproof Perennials

Foolproof perennials can be the staple of your garden, giving you enduring color and interest with little or no effort on your part.  Here are our picks for the easiest, most foolproof perennials:
, hardiness

Dicentra, Bleeding Heart
An excellent candidate for a shady garden.  The dangling (pink, white or red) heart-shaped flowers gracefully arch over the foliage. Grows to 12-36”. **Dicentra exima and its hybrids will thrive in full sun

Monarda, Bee Balm
This plant is a mecca for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, who feed on the nectar of its pompom flowers from summer to fall.  Also deer resistant.

Achillea, Yarrow
A great plant for hot, dry and poor soil conditions, Yarrow comes in white, yellow and pink.  Grows
anywhere from a few inches to several feet tall. Give this plant full sun and place two feet apart.

Astilbe, False Spirea
Made for the shade!  The soft feathery plumes come in shades of white, pink and red. They need moist, well-drained soil and they don’t like to have their roots
disturbed.  So, amend soil at planting time only.

Iris siberica, Siberian Iris
This classic staple of your grandmother’s garden won’t let you down!  Irises come in a wide array of colors –from clear, nearly translucent, pale yellow to a murky dark purple. 

Aquilegia, Columbine
Native! Blooming freely with flowers up to 3" across, they can be either erect or nodding. Plant in full sun or filtered shade. They now range in height from 5 to 24" and come in single and double flowering forms.

Geranium,  Cranesbill
Flowers range from intense purple to the palest pinks and come in single forms as well as doubles. Most tend to form nice mounds of foliage that can be smothered in blooms and are quite suitable for the rock garden as well as the border. Sizes vary from compact to quite large.

Hemerocallis, Daylily
Daylilies are long lived, both heat and drought resistant and require very little attention. They work equally well as ground covers and in the border. Colors range from white to deep reds and purples. For all season color, there are early, mid, and late bloomers.

Hosta, Plantain Lily
Grown for their foliage, shade loving hostas have various leaf shapes, textures and colors.  However, they must be protected from one of their most aggressive thugs: slugs, but are well worth it. Some varieties are less tasty to slugs, so if they are a serious problem in your area you might look for some of the slug resistant varieties. 

Papaver orientalis, Oriental Poppy
There is nothing better in the spring after a long winter than seeing a clump of bright poppies!  Plant where other perennials, such as Echinacea, will conceal dormant summer foliage.  Deer resistant.

Rudbeckia, Black Eyed Susan
A great choice for summer color and on into fall!  Bright flowers are ideal for fresh bouquets, and the seed heads are good for dried arrangements.  Try more than one of the show stopping cultivars available.

Salvia, Meadow Sage
Wonderful plants for the middle or back of a flower bed. Perennial salvias are great for all summer color. Also a favorite of butterflies and bees. Prune them back after blooms have begun to fade and they will put on another show of color. They have plumes of flowers that range in color from deep indigo to rose. Depending on the variety they will grow to a height of 14-24".



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