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Poisonous Plants to Pets
Thank you to the Humane Society of America and Proven Winners for this information.

Four-legged companions enjoy the outdoors as much, or more, as their human friends. If you share a yard with a pet, use containers to keep fragile flowers out of harm's way, and plant rugged perennials, such as Ajugas, Heuchera, and Ivies in areas with heavy paw traffic.

While plants add a touch of color and fragrance to our daily lives, some can be dangerous to our pets. Keep your pets in mind when creating your outdoor living space for your family. Poisonous plants produce a variety of toxic substances and can cause reactions ranging from mild nausea to death.

Below is a list of some of the common plants that may produce a toxic reaction with your pet. This list is intended only as a guide to plants that are generally identified as having the capability for producing a toxic reaction.

ASPCA: 17 Common Poisonous Plants


Plant Genus Toxic Part Plant Type
Aconite/Monkshood Aconitum roots, foliage, seeds garden flower
Apple Malus sylvestris seeds cultivated tree
Arrowgrass Triglochin maritimum leaves marsh plants
Autumn Crocus Colchicum autumnale entire plant garden flower
Azaleas Rhododendron entire plant cultivated & wild shrub
Baneberry Actaea berries, roots wildflower
Bird-of-Paradise bush Caesalpinia pods garden flower
Bird-of-Paradise flower Strelitzia reginae pods garden flower
Black Locust Robinia entire plant esp. bark, shoots tree
Bloodroot Sanguinaria entire plant esp. stem, roots wildflower, herb
Buckeye Aesculus sprouts, nuts, seeds tree
Buttercup Ranunclus entire plant esp. leaves wildflower, garden herb
Caladium Arum entire plant house plant
Carolina Jessamine Gelsemium sempervirens flowers, leaves ornamental plant
Castor bean  Ricinus communis entire plant esp. beans house plant
Chockcherries Prunus leaves, cherries, pit wild shrub
Christmas Berry   Heteromeles arbutifolia leaves shrub
Christmas Rose   Helleborus rootstock, leaves garden flower
Common Privet   Ligustrum vulgare leaves, berries ornamental shrub
Corn Cockle  Agrostemma githago seeds wildflower, weed
Cow Cockle   Saponaria vaccaria seeds wildflower, weed
Cowbane Oxypolis rigidior entire plant esp. roots wildflower, herb
Cowslip Caltha entire plant esp. leaves, stem wildflower, herb
Daffodil  Narcissus bulbs garden flower
Daphne Daphne mezereum  bark, berries, leaves ornamental shrub
Day Lily  Hemerocallis  entire plant is toxic to cats garden & wildflower
Deadly Nightshade,  Belladonna Atropa entire plant esp. seeds, roots garden herb
Death Camas Zygadenus  leaves, stems, seeds, flowers  field herb
Delphinium (Larkspur) Delphinium entire plant esp. sprouts wildflower
Dumbcane  Dieffienbachia entire plant house plant
Dutchman's Breeches   Dicentra roots, foliage wild & garden flower
Easter Lily  Lilium entire plant is toxic to cats  flowering house plant
Elderberry  Sambucus leaves, bark, roots, buds  tree
Elephant's Ear  Colocasia or Alocasia entire plant house plant
English Ivy  Hedera helix entire plant esp. leaves, berries ornamental vine
European Bittersweet   Solanum entire plant esp. berries vine
False Flax  Camelina microcarpa seeds wild herb
False Hellebore   Veratrum roots, leaves, seeds ornamental flower
Fan Weed  Thlaspi arvense seeds wildflower, herb
Field Peppergrass   Lipidium campestre seeds wildflower, herb
Flax Linum seedpods wildflower, herb
Foxglove   Digitalis leaves wild & garden flower
Holly  Ilex berries shrub
Horse Chestnut  Aesculus nuts, sprouts tree
Horse Nettle   Solanum entire plant esp. berries wildflower, herb
Hyacinth   Hyacinthus bulbs wild & house plant
Iris  Iris leaves, roots wild & garden flower
Jack-in-the-pulpit   Arisaema entire plant esp. roots, leaves wildflower
Jatropha  Jatropha seeds tree, shrub
Jerusalem Cherry  Solanum unripe fruit, foliage ornamental plant
Jimson Weed   Datura entire plant esp. seeds field plant
Laburum   Laburnum anagyroides seeds, pods, flowers ornamental plant
Lantana Lantana foliage house plant.annual
Laurels  Laurus leaves shrub
Lily of the Valley   Convallaria majalis leaves, flowers garden & wildflower
Lupine Lupinus seeds, pods shrub
Manchineel Tree Hippomane mancinella sap, fruit tree
Matrimony Vine   Lycium barbarum leaves, shoots ornamental vine
Mayapple   Podophyllum peltatum unripe fruit, roots, foliage wildflower
Milk Vetch   Astragalus entire plant wildflower
Mistletoe   Phoradendron or Viscum album berries house plant
Moonseed   Menispermum fruit, roots vine
Morning Glory  Ipomoea tricolor  seeds, roots wildflower
Mountain Mahogany   Cercocarpus leaves shrub
Mustards   Brassica seeds wildflower
Narcissus   Narcissus bulbs garden flower
Nicotiana   Nicotiana leaves garden flower
Nightshade   Atropa belladonna or Solanum leaves, berries wildflower, vine
Oaks   Quercus shoots, leaves tree
Oleander  Nerium  leaves ornamental shrub
Philodendrons  Philodendron or Monstera entire plant house plant
Poinsettia  Euphorbia leaves, stem, flowers house plant
Poison Hemlock Conium leaves, stem, fruit field plant
Pokeweed  Phytolacca roots, seeds, berries field plant
Potato  Solanum tuberosum shoots, sprouts garden plant
Rattle Box   Crotalaria entire plant wildflower
Rhododendron   Rhododendron leaves ornamental shrub
Rhubarb  Rheum rhaponticum leaves garden plant
Rosary Pea   Arbrus precatorius seeds house plant
Sago Palm  Cycas revoluta entire plant esp seeds ornamental plant
Skunk Cabbage  Symplocarpus and Veratrum entire plant esp roots, leaves marsh plant
Smartweeds   Persicaria sap wildflower
Snow-on-the-mountain  Euphorbia sap field plant
Sorghum Sorghum  leaves grass
Star of Bethlehem   Ornithogalum entire plant wildflower
Velvet Grass  Holcus lanatus leaves grass
Wild Black Cherry   Prunus serotina leaves, pits tree
Wild Radish Raphanus raphanistrum seeds wildflower
Wisteria   Wisteria pods, seeds ornamental plant
Wolfberry   Lycium barbarum leaves, shoots ornamental vine
Woody Aster   Aster venustus entire plant wildflower
Yellow Jessamine  Gelsemium sempervirens entire plant ornamental vine
Yellow Oleander   Thevetia peruviana entire plant esp. leaves garden plant
Yellow Pine Flax  Linum neomexicanum entire plant esp. seedpods wildflower
Yew  Taxus bark, leaves, seeds ornamental tree


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