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Leaf & Stem Propagation

Geraniums and impatiens can be reproduced easily from cuttings. The cuttings can be taken any time of year. Start with disease-free, vigorous plants. Choices of rooting medium are several, but all allow for easy water penetration and fast drainage.  Pure sand is the simplest medium but requires the most frequent watering.  Better are half-and-half mixtures of sand and peat moss or of perlite and peat moss, or perlite or vermiculite alone.   Loss of water through the leaves that remain on the cuttings is the greatest threat to softwood cuttings.  To minimize water loss, provide a greenhouse atmosphere, high humidity, for the cuttings while they are striking roots.  The easiest way is to place a plastic bag over the cuttings and container, then tie it around the container to confine humid air within the bag.  Ventilate any of these improvised greenhouses for a few minutes every day.


Propagation Method 1:
Leaf Cuttings

Some plants will root successfully from a leaf portion of the plant.  New plants will sprout from the base of each leaf section.


Propagation Method 2:
Softwood Stem Cuttings

Cut below a leaf, remove lower leaves, dip cut in rooting hormone, then plant.


Grow seedlings under fluorescent lights until they’re ready to be transplanted outdoors. (Keep at 65 degrees F) Keep lights only three or four inches above the growing plants and leave them lit for 16 to 20 hours daily.





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