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Water & Fertilizer Schedule



When Amount & Type of Material
At initial installation As much water as necessary to thoroughly soak plants and wet entire bed.  Wetting the entire bed initially will activate the weed preventer.
Then water each plant thoroughly once a week for balled & burlapped plants, every 3 days for container grown plants.  (Exception: some balled & burlapped RHododendron, Azalea & Pieris are growin in a soil heavily amended with peat moss or bark wnad will need water 2-3 times a week like a container-grown plant)

Keep this schedule for 3 weeks.  Water each plant thoroughly until ground around plant is saturated.  We suggest using a watering wand. 

Note: never water with water that has passed through a softener.

Instead of giving the plant its required water all at once, try giving it 1/3 of the amount at a watering and then repeating this watering twice more.  In a "normal" cool spring, water amounts could be cut in half.

Use 1 gallon of water for a 1 gallon pot, use 2 gallons of water for a 2 gallon pot, etc.. Use 10 gallons of water for each inch of tree trunk
diameter for balled & burlapped trees. For example, a 2” caliper tree will require a minimum of 20 gallons of water at each watering.

For balled & burlapped shrubs, use one gallon of
water for each foot of plant height or spread. For example, a 24” balled and burlapped Azalea will require a minimum of 2 gallons of water.

This schedule assumes good drainage and rainfall of one inch or less at one time, skip a watering if rainfall of one inch or more occurs at one time.

This schedule assumes good drainage and rainfall of 1" or less at one time. Skip a watering if rainfall is 1" or more occurs at one time.
After 3 weeks only when necessary.  Drought conditions may require more water while "normal" conditions will require no water.  DO NOT water unless needed. Check soil moisture around plant and original soil ball before watering.


When Amount & Type of Material
Approximately April 1st,  July 4th & October 30th when using organic fertilizers.

When fertilizing the entire landscape bed, 3 lbs. per 1000 ft of actual nitrogen per year is sufficient for chemical fertilizers.  We can help you with different fertilizer analysis. Chemical fertilizers should be applied April 1st, May 30th, July 4th, August 15th and October 30th. Skip the August 15th application for Rhodoendrons, Azaleas and their relaticves.

Use Holly-tone or Plant-tone as recommended in the planting information sheets where you’ll find rates to use and an application schedule.

Keep granular fertilizers off foliage and away from stems and trunks. When in doubt, less fertilizer is better!!


Weed Prevention

When Amount & Type of Material
At planting and just before mulching.  Early spring, before weed seeds sprout and before mulching.  3-4 months after initial spring application Use Preen as directed.  READ THE LABEL!  Water in after application to activate.

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